By: Dean Silverberg, Bill Milani, Jeffrey Landes, Susan Gross Sholinsky, Anna Cohen, and Jennifer Goldman

The New York State Department of Labor (“DOL”) recently published its long-awaited proposed regulations (“Proposed Regulations“) pertaining to the newly expanded categories of permissible wage deductions pursuant to the New York State Labor Law (“Labor Law”). As we previously reported (see the Act Now Advisory entitled “New York Labor Law Significantly Expands the Scope of Permissible Wage Deductions“), the amendments to Section 193 of the Labor Law (“Section 193”), which govern permissible wage deductions, became effective on November 6, 2012. However, Section 193 required the Commissioner of Labor to issue regulations implementing the amendments. With the release of the Proposed Regulations, New York employers should plan to implement new processes and procedures relating to wage deductions once the Proposed Regulations become final.

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