It seems as though there is a minefield that employers must navigate to ensure that they fulfill their wage and hour obligations to their employees. Employers must somehow comply with overlapping and seemingly contradictory federal, state, district, county, and local requirements. The wave of civil actions that are filed against employers alleging wage and hour violations is not slowing. And given the potential financial consequences for non-compliance, illustrated in part by a $102 million award for technical paystub violations, meeting these requirements must be a priority for all employers.

The issues discussed briefly below are only the “tip” of the iceberg in terms of complying with the plethora of wage and hour laws created by various legislative, judicial, and regulatory bodies. Also, if you would like a more in-depth discussion of an issue, please click on the title of the relevant article.

The current status of the overtime rule is but one of several prominent issues to reckon with as wage and hour issues, investigations, and litigation remain as prevalent as they have ever been.

The articles in this edition of Take 5 include the following:

  1. New Salary Thresholds for Certain Exempt Employees
  2. Is Time Rounding Worth the Trouble?
  3. California Meal and Rest Period Requirements
  4. Navigating Travel Time Pay Under Federal Law
  5. The Quirks in Paying Wages to Discharged Employees in California

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